Birthday/Anniversary Disney trip!

This past Wednesday I went to Disneyland with my boyfriend to celebrate both our birthdays and anniversary. We both turned 21 this month and it was also our 5 year anniversary. It’s crazy how much time has passed, but I am so happy with him. He’s the most supportive, funniest, and loving boyfriend. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now, haha.

Our mission for this trip was to get the famous Oogie Boogie popcorn holder and the poison apple cup, but unfortunately everywhere we went, they had said it was sold out until mid-November! We were both so sad, but luckily he has a friend that works at Disney who offered to get us them once they come back. The first ride we went on was one of his favorites, The Haunted Mansion. It’s my one favorite places at Disney as well, because the decorations are my favorite.

haunted mansion.jpg

Haunted Mansion 2.jpg

Each time we’ve gone to Disneyland, we’ve regretted not getting a candy apple so this time we did! They were really cute, but it was waaaaay too much sugar, haha.

Candy apple t.jpgCandy apple a.jpg

I’m sure many people already know this “secret”, but make sure you ask for packets of Tajin to put on your dole whip because trust me, one you try it, you won’t go back. It’s funny actually, because we packed a bunch of snacks to save money, but most of our money went to snacks at the park! We only go twice a year though so I think it was worth it.

This trip I finally went on Space Mountain. I’m actually afraid of roller coasters and I tend to overthink things and make myself extremely nervous so I could never actually get on it. Hopefully it encourages me to try the rest of the “coasters” the next time I go.

Since we did turn 21 this month, my boyfriend bought each of us shot glasses. It was so cool seeing them being made. I chose Winnie the Pooh (my favorite) and he chose Pluto.


There were no fireworks the night we went so we left a little early to go to a nearby bar in Downtown Disney. Before we went, we took a picture of the Ooogie Boogie in California Adventure. Oogie boogie.jpg

All our Disney trips are memorable, but I think this one was the most memorable of all. We’re hoping to visit for Christmas time so I can’t wait!

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