5 movies you should watch this fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. I die for comfy sweaters, crunch leaves, pumpkin patches, and of course, dressing up  for Halloween! Unfortunately, it hasn’t felt like fall in California, but that hasn’t stopped me from watching my fall favorite movies.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas NightmareThe move is about Jack Skellington, better known as the Pumpkin King, or King of Halloweentown and his discovery of Christmas. He attempts to bring Christmas to his town, but soon realizes the disastrous events following his attempt. My favorite characters of the movie would probably be Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The movie has a bunch of songs that make it hard to resist singing along. Is it truly fall if you haven’t seen it yet? Make sure you catch it on Netflix!
  2. Coraline coraline-main.jpgCoraline is a Laika studio film. Coraline and her family move to a new home in an eery town. She soon finds a portal to another world that is exactly like hers, but better. However, she also finds that not all that glitters is gold. This is another one of my favorites because of how beautiful the stop-motion is. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also catch this one on Netflix!
  3. Beetlejuicebeetlejuice_large-1200x600Another Tim Burton classic is Beetlejuice. It centers a recently married and deceased couple who find a new family living in their home. They decide to recruit the help of Betelgeuse (pronounced “Beetlejuice”, a devious ghost, to help scare the new inhabitants. It’s a must watch for this season, just make sure not to say his name 3 times!
  4. ParaNormanparanorman-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000ParaNorman is another amazing movie by Laika. Norman is an 11-year-old boy who speaks to the dead, except no one believes him and is seen as an outcast. Norman begins having visions about an old witches curse falling on the town and soon after zombies begin to emerge. It’s up to Norman and his paranormal activities to save his town. This movie is a feel good movie, with parts that will make you laugh, happy, angry, and cry. It’s definitely a must watch for me!
  5. Dead Poets Societydead-poets-society-cast-now-poster-640x480Last, but not least, is a movie you might have watched in school. It follows the story of a group of friends in an all boy elite prep school. They meet their poetry teacher, John Keating, who encourages them to make their lives extrordainary, or carpe diem. This movie was one that really stuck with me during high school and it made me realize that life is short, so we really must seize the day!

What are some of your must watch movies for the fall? Or a movie that makes you think of fall? I’d love to hear them below!

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