6 Ways to De-stress

With finals coming up, for many of us, and the holidays, things can get very stressful very fast. I thought I’d share some ways to help you de-stress for the upcoming weeks. Let me know some ways you like to de-stress below!Walk

Go out for a long walk.

Something I like to do when my school work begins to overwhelm me, is go out for a walk with my dogs. Walking helps me clear my mind and enjoy the cold air, especially during the Fall. Taking my dogs with me makes it even better because I see them enjoying themselves and it makes me happy. You can walk around your block or to a near park to help you clear your mind.


I’ve found that cleaning my room and getting rid of things I don’t need anymore, really take a load of my shoulders. I usually start with my clothes and look through every single piece, separating them into a donation pile and a pile to sell on my Depop. I like to move onto vacuuming my room and sweeping, then mopping my living room. Something about a clean house really puts me at ease. You can start by just simply cleaning out your closet or tidying up your room.

Go to the gym

Whether you are a regular gymgoer or not, exercising can really help to let all your stress out. Not only does it help me let my frustration and stress out, but I also feel great afterwards!

Mask Recipe

Put on your favorite face mask

Above is a recipe (not my own) of my favorite face mask! I love putting it on and watching Netflix while I wait for it to dry. It helps me keep my mind off of whatever is bugging me while helping my skin. I think treating yourself is important, especially when we’re stressed because we often forget about ourselves. Some shows/movies on Netflix that I recommend are, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, and my favorite, 13 Going on 30.

Cook your favorite meal

As I said before, giving yourself time for the things you need and want are important during times of stress. Something that makes me feel better is cooking! I’m not the best at it, but I can at least stomach the things I cook, haha.

Light a candle and cozy up with a book

Reading has always been my getaway. I get so lost in a book that I forget about everything else. I like lighting a candle and getting a huge blanket to cozy up in bed with a book. I have yet to find the perfect position for reading a book while laying down though. My favorite candles are the ones from Bath & Body Works, they can be pricey, but look out for their sales and make sure to sign up for their email to get coupons!

I hope you found these tips helpful and remember, you’ve got this!



7 thoughts on “6 Ways to De-stress

  1. Vitality Tribe says:

    Reading these tips automatically de-stressed me haha xx I’m obsessed with “Lifestyle” and everything related to it, no wonder we share similar niche!
    ps: I’m loving the simple aesthetics of your blog 💕🍉💁

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