Super Vegan Sunday Recap

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl, but it was also Super Vegan Sunday at Smorgasburg in LA! Smorgasburg is a marketplace in Los Angeles that hosts different food events every week and that Sunday was specifically geared towards vegan food, so of course I had to be there. Super Vegan Sunday

The event began at 10 am and by the time we got there it was already incredibly packed and it was only 11! The weeks leading up to the event, I was searching through the Instagram accounts of all the listed food vendors to have everything planned out. The food vendor I was most excited for was Cena Vegan. Cena Vegan serves authentic vegan tacos, burritos, nacho boats, and “meats” by the pound! Cena Vegan InstaI could tell I wasn’t the only one looking forward to them being at Smorgasburg because their line was the longest! Their menu for this event consisted of their specialties and I went with their classic nacho boat. They had 4 different meats to choose from and I went with their gluten-free barbacoa. The nacho boat included refried beans, pico de gallo, choice of meat, cashew chipotle cream, nacho chips, and it was topped off with 3 perfect scoops of avocado. My boyfriend ordered their burrito with al pastor meat, and it pretty much consisted of the same ingredients. Let me tell you, the wait was SO WORTH IT! My boyfriend and I swore we were eating real meat and we were over the moon with the taste of it all.Nachos.jpg

We devoured both dishes and ate until our stomachs hurt because it was just THAT GOOD. We had gone into this event thinking we’d try a little bit of everything, but honestly we had no room after Cena Vegan.

We walked around for a bit and (mistakenly) made the decision to get micheladas shortly after eating. Smorgasburg also has a small beer garden so we decided to try it out. I went with the original michelada and my boyfriend got a mango michelada. Micheladas.jpg

After a couple of sips we looked at each other with regret and realized that a full stomach and alcohol was not a good mix, haha. He bravely finished his, but sadly I can’t same the same about me.

Overall, it was such a fun experience and we’ll definitely come back and for much, much more! The great thing about Smorgasburg is they have events every Sunday and feature all different kinds of foods. Here is a link to their calendar with all their upcoming events, if you’re interested. I always tend to ramble, but I hope you enjoyed and I promise to be back much sooner. Until next time! XXA and T Cena Vegan.jpg

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