The pros and cons about owning a dog

Too many times I have heard stories of people buying dogs or getting dogs as gifts, only to return them because they realized they were too much to handle. Dogs are a huge responsibility and a commitment that needs to be taken seriously. I own 2 dogs, a Corgi Pomeranian mix and a Pomeranian, so I thought I’d share the good and the bad of owning dogs.

1. Dogs are expensive Be prepared to spend a lot of money for your dog, including medical bills, food, grooming, and of course, my dogs’ personal favorite, squeaky toys. As many of us know, vaccinations are very important for a young pup, but they can also be expensive. There are pet stores, like Petco that offer vaccinations a little cheaper than vets. Most pups from animal shelters are up to date with their vaccinations so that also helps. Petco has a great loyalty program that helps with buying dog food and anything else they might need.

2. Dogs need a lot of time Time is key to bonding with your dog and ensuring they get the best care they need. You need to put time aside to train your dog and this is the most difficult for most owners. It can sometimes get a little frustrating, but it’s important not to give up on your dog. Dogs can get lonely too so they need constant attention. You need to make sure you put time aside for them.

3. Dogs require constant cleaning Depending on your dog’s coat, you can definitely be sure to find hair everywhere. You need to constantly be cleaning your house to get rid of their hair and any dirt or mud they may bring from your backyard. You have to clean up their poop and any accidents they may have. I know my dog loves rolling in dirt and getting into messes so I’ve learned to love cleaning.

4. Dogs make amazing friends Dogs are extremely loyal and make amazing companions. I love coming home knowing my dogs will be as excited as I am to see them.  The best part is you can vent to them and they definitely won’t judge! Haha.

5. Dogs are pretty freaking cute It’s safe to say that I love dogs, especially my own. They are the cutest, from their little paws, to their puppy stage, and their weird sleeping positions. Depending on your dog’s preference, they make some pretty darn cute clothes and accessories for them too.

6. Dogs can be great for your health Dogs need daily walks so you’ll be sure to get your daily exercise with them. They have also proven to improve stress levels and overall mental health. Believe it or not, dogs are a constant source of love, support, and comfort. They are a friend, a listener, and a companion that will never turn its back on you.

Dogs are not easy, so make sure you thoroughly research and make the proper arrangements before making this commitment. I know it isn’t always possible, but please please try to adopt and not shop!

I feel so lucky to have 2 furry best friends and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world!

If you want to see more cute pictures of my dogs you can follow them on Instagram here. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter ♡♡

5 thoughts on “The pros and cons about owning a dog

  1. Britney says:

    Nice post. I’ve always been a cat person, personally, but we did have a dog back in 2009. My mom was the one that wanted the dog (not me), though I was left taking care of it half of the time. My mom ended up taking the dog back to the same shelter we got him from because he was constantly pooping and peeing in the house (even though we were told he was properly housebroken, and we did take him outside several times a day for 20-30 mins at a time) and because he ended up biting a little kid while she was walking him. I was so angry over all this because I did grow attached and loved the dog. However, I did learn from that experience that dogs are just not for me (with everything that goes into taking care of them) and I would not choose to have another. Cats all the way for me!

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