Sensitive Soul

I am a sensitive soul. I cry during sad scenes of a movie, and even the happy ones. I cry listening to certain songs. I get upset over something small and let that ruin my day. I tend to feel like a failure if I do something wrong and then become too afraid to try again for fear of failing once again. For long I hated that I was this way. All the women around me are strong and resilient; everything I always wanted to be. I can wish all I want, but this is me. It’s okay to be sensitive. It’s not okay to be afraid to try new things, to let small things control my life, to compare myself to others. I must learn to love me for me. To take my “flaws” and make them something more than that. To learn from my failures and figure out what I can do differently. To find the positive in the negative. I am a sensitive soul and that is okay.

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