My Top 3 Favorite Fall Vegan Dishes

A lot of people’s first question when I tell them I’m vegan is, “What do you eat for Thanksgiving?!”. Some people think that a Thanksgiving without turkey is blasphemous, but it isn’t! (Plus, I was never really a fan of turkey hehe).

Since today is World Vegan Day and we’re officially in November, I thought I’d make a post on my favorite vegan Thanksgiving/Fall recipes!

**These recipes are not my own, nor do I claim them as my own**

My first favorite are these mini pumpkin cheesecake bites made in a video by Amy, from Vagabond Youth, in collaboration with Tastemade and Nordstrom on Youtube. Amy_Finished-Dish_201611-700x394

I actually made these last year for Thanksgiving and they turned out to be a hit with the rest of my family! They were really easy to make and just as easy to eat them all.

Watch the video for the recipe!

Is it really Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes? My next favorite/must need food for Fall is Minimalist Baker’s “Best Damn Vegan Mashed Potatoes”The-Best-Damn-Vegan-Mashed-Potatoes-So-simple-fast-SUPER-FLUFFY-and-delicious

This blog is my holy grail for all vegan recipes so of course I had to include it! This recipe is another must for Thanksgiving. Check her blog out for more amazing vegan recipes!

Last, but not least, is Oh She Glows’ “Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf”Lentil-Loaf-2-3

I have yet to make this, but I think this year I’ll give it a try! If you’d like to see more vegan recipes, check her blog out.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year and it’s finally starting to feel like Fall where I live.

What are some of your comfort/must have foods for Fall? (it doesn’t have to be vegan).

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